Moulded Acrylic letters

Make it Clear

Is print really dead? This question has been buzzing around in the advertising world since the inception of social media and the Internet. While thousands of businesses have entirely moved their marketing efforts to the web becauseĀ moulded acrylic letters of the cost effectiveness, convenience and exposure potential, print maintains its position as a very powerful and necessary constituent of an advertisement campaign. Our moulded acrylic letters uk is a good example. Here is a closer look and some advantages that print have over their digital counterparts.
Tangibility: a print piece like acrylic letters is physical in nature. It can stay for months in offices or houses for several months and even years whereas Internet ads will disappear into cyberspace instantly.


The sense of validity is given by physical advertising. The saturation of banner ads and popups on the website can be irresistible but the fear of viruses and spam is enough to make internet users become bored by clicking. However, there is no danger associated with print advert.
Branding: Print ads are exceptional for solidifying a brand identity. For instance, when using moulded acrylic letters for your ads, there is consistency in fonts, colours as well as image types. This ensures brand recognition establishment.Target Marketing: Placing adverts in publications such as moulded acrylic letters can effectively reach niche audiences that are more difficult to target online.

More Engaging

Clients are more involved when reading printed media, different from websites, which are always skimmed in as few second visit. Digital screen text has become very common according to a recent study 20 percent reads digital texts in comparison to 30 percent slower than printed ads.
Less Print Ads: With many businesses relying exclusively on the Internet for advertisement, the decline of print adverts may as well be used as a marketing advantage. The moulded acrylic letters uk, for instance, are never crowded and give more room for your ad to shine.